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Premium Delivery

Special food, special services...Right to your doorstep! 


Caper is proud to deliver premium quality, unique tastes directly to your hotel room, villa or AirBnb.  Enhance your meal with our concierge-selected in- room services to make your Santorini experience  truly unforgettable. 


Our vision began by imaging you, the Santorini traveler, relaxing and enjoying the privacy and tranquility of your accommodation.  What better way to enjoy your terrace and the magnificent views than to enrich the experience with the luxury of being able to stay right there and not have to leave at all!   Caper brings it all to you.



  • Breakfast

  • Dinner


Breakfast extra services

  • Smoothies

  • Breakfast cocktails

  • Celebration kit


Extra services

  • Wines

  • Beers

  • Refreshments

  • Cocktails

  • Cigars

  • Hookah

  • Celebration kit


1. Pre book your breakfast at least 1 day before

2. Order your dinner online (18:00-22:30)

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